Billy Eversole Memorial

Billy Eversole

A Man Of Class

Everybody that knew Billy Eversole knew that he was truly a man of class.  Billy fought lifes war and never complained about the pain that he had to endure, instead he kept his head up high even when he didn't feel like it.  Billy was tired and wanted to go home, he met his reward in July of 2003. 

Those He Left Behind

Those that Billy left behind still miss him dearly.  From his beautiful wife to his wonderful children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters and his friends, they all remember Billy for what he was, a Godly man who loved to play his music to the Lord.  Since his death not a singing has gone by without his name being mentioned, he was and still is an important part of all our lives.  So many people have memories that they hold dear in their heart, if you have a special memory of Billy, please email us at with your permission we will add it to this memorial page.

Memories From Billy's Friends

Lisa Eversole writes....

  Billy Ray Eversole is my uncle. Billy was a special man.Just not to me and my family but to so many others, his friends, neighbors and even people that didnt know him and just saw him on stage with The Soul Seekers Playing his Steel Guitar. No one will Ever take his place in that band or his brothers hearts.This past week all I have heard from people closest to me is that Billy was an amazing man and the great memories that they have with him.. i myself have some wonderful memories with him. one i am going to share with you. well about two years ago the summer right before he found out about his cancer..we had my dads birtday party over here at the house. Everyone was here, all my uncles,aunts,cousins.. just a bunch of people the place was packed...well anyways..I had this lil puppy and to get him out of the way i put him out on back porch and tied him on it..(dad never metioned to me that he could jump off)but sadly thats what he done.. he jumped off the side of the porch and died... i was heart broken i cried the whole day my uncle billy saw how much i loved that lil puppy and was sad that he died so he searched for about two weeks til he found me another one.and two years later that lil dog i have now means more to me then he will ever know..i will cherish that dog... Thanks UNCLE BILLY FOR TRACKER! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!